Swingers Clubs: Swing here, Swing there… #Swinger #blog #Club

It’s Saturday night and again, your best mate has left you sidelined. They promised this weekend the two of you would party underneath the stars and drink until the ceiling and the floor were indistinguishable, but yet here you are home and alone.You’ve been anxious to visit a new club that recently opened downtown which has been admired for their tasteful martinis and diverse patrons. Their visitors include business professionals and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. The lure of the club has even pulled in outside state residents. You’ve been hoping you could get out and mingle with the vibrant crowd for over three weeks!

Disappointment settles as you lay back on the plush pillow top comforter you purchased three weeks ago, the first weekend your friend cancelled on you. The weekend of the second cancellation you purchased three rental movies, two bottles of wine and Chinese takeout. This weekend you were unsure to what method you would fill your idle time.As ideas enter and exit your thoughts you decide you wouldn’t spend another weekend online shopping or catching up on newly released DVDs, you would go out tonight. Alone.You put on your best outfit, the one that flatters your physique in the color that compliments your skin tone. The outfit that’s sure to draw in modest attention from anyone whose path you cross. You depart to the exciting, sexy and sexually adventurous swingers club.

My last post challenged you to do something new and daring, unfortunately my schedule didn’t allow me the satisfaction of conquering mine, but I did want to step outside my element and venture into the swingers lifestyle for a bit. I didn’t make it to my destination this weekend, but who knows what tomorrow has in store. 

If you didn’t know… swingers clubs are everywhere. Here’s a brief list:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Australia: New South Wales
  • United States: ALL STATES!!! ((Though I didn’t see Puerto Rico….))

For more information visit swinglifestyle.com….


Sex Astrology #Blog #Astrology #Sex #Compatibility

When it comes to astrology everyone seems to have an opinion, either they believe it or they don’t. I believe that like most things, it provides a good foundation to learn someone or even yourself. It’s not an exact assessment or dissemination of a persons character, just a helpful understanding. Some things are spot-on, while others are relatively uncertain or just plain WRONG. 
I strolled a few sites this weekend and ran across a sex astrology site. It allows you to match your astrological sexual compatibility. I must say…. I was surprised at it’s accuracy. The site is sexualastrology.com. Below I’ve attached the compatibility results between someone I dated in the past, an Aries, against myself, a Scorpio.

…..Aries looks for a challenge. Therefore, mundane conversation ends this date pronto. Scorpio will act depending on the mood of this stinger. The date could be either very good or very bad. But, when this duo clicks things get hot and heavy fast. These two zodiac signs are physical animals. But, to get off on the right foot, Aries must handle Scorpio with proper respect and Scorpio must be sincere and have patience with Aries.A long-term relationship between these two stars has great potential. Aries will believe that his Scorpio lover is a dream come true. Selfless acts toward Scorpio will be returned with trust and respect. Aries’ horoscope would advise, “…practice patience.” Scorpio’s horoscope would advise, “…practice cooperation.” A love match between these two signs will be powerful, strong and lead to incredible sex.The Aries’ and Scorpio’s love of challenge and activity will spill over into the bedroom. This initiates the acting out of fantasies and role play. Aries and Scorpio will brave sexual areas where others would never go. While Aries prefers sex that is highly physical, and fast, Scorpio prefers all over tender caressing. There’s a lot about sensuality these two lovers can teach each other.Aries and Scorpio are so intense that they could get married or just have sex and separate. When these two astrological signs have differences, Aries will shout and Scorpio will pout. Scorpio will actually bury hurt feelings to be brought out at a later date. However, both zodiac signs will use sex to resolve any conflicts.

In this situation the relationship ended exactly as suggested above…. we got into a HUGE argument, I was given all kinds of extravagant uses of the word ((fuck you)) and we ended it just as quickly as it began. 🙂

The site was awesome! Take a look and let me know about your experience. 

Get down and dirty – I Dare You! #Blog #Challenge

In the last excerpt Ms. Kelly has reached a point of indecision. Struggling like many between a force of desire on one hand and reason on the other. BUT there are many things people should experience at least once in their life, even for conservative people like Ms. Kelly and myself.  

With most things, I’m very unadventurous, or pointblank unexciting. I feel secure in an environment of monotony and traditional routines. Deviations worry me.

On the other hand……  the absolute worst thing you can do is doubt my intentions or willingness to follow through. So long as I’m not a risk to myself or anyone else and I can potentially receive some sort of satisfaction out of the deal…. I’m all in. Screw the traditions.

My vices fall somewhere near and between speed limits, alcohol and sex. Not necessarily in that order. That means even unappealing A.I. Lee has had sex in ((a few… who’s counting)) public places. If you haven’t you should really live a little. Break free of your self-imposed box style livings. Consistency becomes boring after awhile. How long can worn down beds, sofas and countertops remain exciting?

This weekend I dare you to do something different. Maybe you’ll discover a part of you that you never knew. A woman named…. Ms. Jackson who enjoys role-playing and toe sucking foreplay. As encouragement I’ve challenged myself as well, if I succeed I’ll proudly post my accomplishment. If not…. I’ll pretend I did.

Swingers Code?? #blog #swingers

Is there really a swingers code?? I must say I’m still surprised to know that many people have no idea what goes on around them. The topics least talked about are the exact ones that happen so frequently around us. 

In the south we have a chain of grocery stores called Publix. They’re nearly everywhere and on almost every corner. They have exceptional customer service, delicious cold subs, perfectly selected fruits… the list goes on. I’m talking like I own the place, but they really are one of my favorite stores. Actually the elderly woman who won the Powerball $600 million dollar jackpot purchased her ticket from this chain at a store outside of Tampa.

About a few years ago, I was at a dinner and the host realized she was short an ingredient. Me being the sweet person I am, I made an errand run. The closest store was Publix. I believe it was as I was leaving that she told me how popular this store was… they were notorious for attracting swingers.

Entering the store, I received the customary greeting and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. I blended with the other last minute and late night shoppers who moved through the aisles with concentration. Curiously I wandered the aisles looking for the swinger’s symbol, a pineapple perched on the top basket of the cart.  To my disappointment I saw nothing… no sign of a swingers code to signify “swingers on the prowl.”

Now I’m not sure how factual this claim is…. A swingers grocery store? This had to be nearly 3 or 4 years ago so I’m sure by this point the standards have either changed or maybe ceased. I’m not a swinger, however I’m not opposed to swinging clubs which are populous and ((I hear)) fun. Any takers?? Would love to hear your story.

The unspoken world of SEX #Excerpt #Sex #Blog #Swingers #Exhibitionist

The weight of the plastic framed mirror felt like stone. No doubt the weight was the burden of guilt. A fault induced by the spying on a couple engaged in intimate moments.
A tingling simmered from the tips of my fingers which wrapped around the mirrors frame. It was as though the mirror were warning me – correction, scolding me. What was I doing?
                The awareness of Maria’s eyes staring down at me brought me realization.
                I shook my head, objecting this invasion of privacy. But how private could sex be in a public bathroom? Regardless, I had no right to intrude on their moment despite how I felt about their locational choosing.
                Like a car salesmen refusing to forfeit a potential deal, again she seized my hand in hers. This time leading me outside our stall to stand in front of the occupied stall.
                She motioned at the hinged steel door seemingly bothered. She was impatient and frustrated that I didn’t share her fondness for voyeuristic pleasures.
She was unbelievable.
I stared at her gawkily. Tilting my head and eyeing her in disbelief. She stared onward with intensity, like she could see straight through the solid door, yearning to feel the pleasures they felt.
Following her gaze and the rhythmic thrust of a body against a solid surface, I diverted my attention to a folded strand of toilet tissue which hung over the door.
Public sex, I’ve heard, is one of the ultimate thrills. The anxiety of not knowing if you’ll get caught or if someone is watching heightens the sensation. For exhibitionists, it is the preferred sexual environment.
There are many unspoken languages is the world of sex. For example, many swingers meet other local swingers at grocery stores by way of what is in another’s cart. They peruse the aisles searching for cart contents which mirror their own. Specific items lined in the basket nearest the basket handle signifies, “We’re swingers, and we’re looking to meet and greet.”
Like swingers, the same is true for sexual exhibitionist. They too engage in conversations unspoken.  A strand of toilet tissue hanging loosely over a stall door implies, “You’re free to watch, but quietly.”

Watch… you know you want to. #Excerpt #Fiction #Erotica #Erotic

Curiosity lead me pass the wooden door silent and discreetly.
The restaurant ambiance carried into the narrow space. It too was dimly lit and the faint sounds of jazz streamed through the ceilings speakers.  The room appeared barren, which was not what I expected considering I saw Maria disappear around the corner leading only to two room. One exclusive to males the other females.
The rattling of tissue rotating in its dispenser, or water streaming over washing hands would have been expected, but I heard none of those. For a moment, I thought I had entered the wrong bathroom. Under the influence of a tempting desire, maybe I had mistaken the ladies room for what was actually the men’s.  I saw and heard no trace of Maria anywhere.
I crouched low enough to peer underneath the stalls, just enough to see a pair of black loafers.
I panicked.
Maybe she wasn’t baiting me at all, maybe she just wanted to ensure she wouldn’t be interrupted as she emptied her bowels. I basked in my embarrassment, until I realized those were brown loafers, not black and they were pointed towards the stall instead of away from it.
Startled I stood upright and turned.
To my surprise, there she stood with the widest grin behind me.
She knew I would be lured into her pursuit and she waited against the same wall which supported the doors frame for me to enter. “How devious,” I mused, yet I liked it.
I started to speak but I was silenced. Placing a finger over her lips she seized my hand in hers and we entered the vacant stall. I watched her retrieve a wallet from her back pocket and from its folds grab a small mirror.
I stared at her confused while she knelt, positioning the mirror at an angle right below the steel dividers separating each stall. Was this woman mad?
She was like a horny adolescent stealing private images the only way she could. I didn’t think I needed to tell her this was illegal. Repulsed I proceeded to exit the stall. When she grabbed my arm I broke free, pulling against the sensational flutter of my stomach. She seized me again, firmer this time. Pointing to the steel divider she urged me to listen. I did.
I heard nothing at first, only the whaling of a saxophone and a background cello. But the more I tuned out the jazz notes, the more I heard a separate and sensual tune. The melody of an oncoming orgasm. She placed the mirror in my hands. 

Curves That Tempt #Excerpt #Fiction #Blog #LGBT

The term civilized was created to shadow us from our animalistic instincts. Regardless of how “civilized” we become, there lies a chained beast waiting for the moment to step in to the light and take control. Aware of my public surroundings, yet craving a sensual touch, I was struggling against my civility.
When would I submit to my desires, to the longing which tugged at my inner folds. When would I let its wetness seep down my thighs. When would I allow myself freedom.
Maria waited for my response. Though I’m sure the lapse in time was more than it had appeared to me, she conveyed patience. I must have been a dismal sight, clearly engaging in an internal battle, but her gaze over me was judgment free.
Pitifully I bowed my head stating, “I actually have sanitizer.”
As proof, I reached for my bag and began sifting through its contents. Locating my small travel bottle, I flipped the top open and poured the cleansing serum into my palms.
Maria shrugged as though the decline were my loss and sought off to find the restrooms hidden in the rear of the restaurant.
My eyes trailed her retreat.
Surveying her every motion from her head to the soles of her shoes, but mostly I centered on the area below her waist. She had an ideal form, arguably the curves of a goddess herself. Womanly bends and bows tightened around her waist and expanded along her vertical frame like an hourglass. She had hips that tempted hands to touch, grab, and lift. Hips that accentuated with each step, a rhythmic step which allowed one hip to roll into the other.  Her hips had form and definition like its neighbor, a round and buoyant ass.
                While salivating over her lusciousness, she disappeared behind a corner and I was pulled from my curve obsession.

The observance of her retreat summoned erotic thoughts. A lewd beast bellowed me to action. It snarled low and impatient, then roaring commandingly. Ordering me out my seat and towards the darkened hallway in the rear of the restaurant. I turned the corner, lead merely by the bestial desires that pulled at me. I entered the woman’s restroom.

That ass is mine #excerpt #fiction

Yikes! She was a simmering pot of frustration, but there had to be some mistake. I couldn’t be the fuel to her irritation. I couldn’t understand why I would be an outlet for her hostility. The tone didn’t bother me as much as the wording.
Regardless of how much she said and its emphasis, all I heard was “challenge.” I replied defensively, “excuse me?”
                “I’m not trying to offend,” Maria defended. Trying to smooth over the rough conversation she added, “It is my hope to one day by like you, equally skilled and dedicated. I’m simply trying to understand what it is that led you here.”
                Bullshit. She was just gunning for me. Now she’s an admirer?
                None the less, I responded, “I worked hard. I sacrificed. That’s what got me here.” The matter-of-fact declaration was laced with self-assurance. Unlike most, I worked very hard to achieve my success. There were no handouts. 
                “What did you have to sacrifice?”
                “Everything.” I stated crisply.
                “Could you unfold that?”
I sighed, “Relationships, family, social life…”
                “Sex?” She questioned.
                “At times,” I admitted.
Despite my candid reply, my forwardness surprised me. I was glad for the moment to organize my thoughts while she reflected on her subsequent question.
                “What is the most challenging obstacle for you?”
                Again she was prying, each question becoming more invasive than its predecessor. My conscious rebuked her, we weren’t old friends drinking wine and indulging in outspoken conversations! How did I allow her to violate my thoughts? Was she my weakness?
I could still feel the impression she left on my ass, yet again I replied with candidness, “The more I fix the problems of my client’s, the less I’m able to repair my own.”
                “Why do you think that is?”
I laughed. She was really sounding like a psychiatrist. My humor didn’t weaken her expression, she was peculiarly concentrated. I readjusted my expression to reflect hers, “I’m not sure. Being stretched too thin maybe?”
                “Maybe you should take a vacation.” Her lip lifted at the seam and she added, “A nice beach with white sand and crabs that bite you on the ass.”
The ass comment pulled a smile from my taut expression, “Maybe one day.”
                She reclined, replacing her intensity with a casual and relaxed disposition. She stretched, extending her arms in the air, then clasped her hands behind her head while simultaneously framing her legs outside of mine.  “When was your last vacation?”
                Her legs grazed the outside of mine as she continued to stretch.
I replied unperturbed, “I don’t think I’ve ever had one.”
She hissed, “Ms. Kelly we have got to get you out of this city.”
Her immediate exit from the booth left me deliberating whether she meant leaving promptly or if she was simply excusing herself. She stood as I stared dumbfounded.
She stated, “Excuse me; I just need to visit the restroom.”
Turning towards the back of the restaurant she searched for the restroom sign, but before she paced away from me she questioned, “Do you not need to wash your hands?”
The question wasn’t an aim at cleanly awareness, she was baiting me. 

Only the Weak Submit Part 1 #Excerpt #Fiction

It was nearly a week later when Maria thought to fulfill her promise. By then I had forgotten all about the lunch invite she and Alisa extended to me. Now current on her work, she insisted I allow her the opportunity to make up for her lunch absence.
The invitation caught me off guard considering she had spoken to me only in passing these last few weeks. She stayed tucked away in her office, seemingly more busy than everyone, including me.
                It was a relatively dawdling day, free off appointments. I used the majority of the day to review cases and client files. I was open and free to accept lunch invitations. Despite Maria’s remoteness, I obliged.
                We returned to the restaurant Alisa and I had our lunch two weeks prior.
                Again, unsure how the conversation would lead, I took the reins stating, “How are the client files coming? Oh, and are the marketing testimonial is completed for the site?”    
Her friendly expression didn’t match her irritated tone when she replied, “Must we discuss work at lunch?”
I nodded agreeably, “Well, how are things outside of work? You’re currently pursing your masters, correct?”
                She nodded, “I am.”
                “Well,” I pondered, “I know how daunting that can be. Especially given the hours you put in.”
She rolled her eyes, and the hostility baffled me until she expressed, “No work, remember?”
                “I see.” I said.
                “Do you?” she replied rather distastefully.
Unsure of why I was the object of her hostility I inquired, “Is there a problem?”

                “Do you have to control everything, all the time. Is that just simply your nature. Or are you simply filtering the weak in hope that one day someone will challenge you?”

Pushed to excellence #excerpt #fiction

The decision to accept Janice’s offer was a long and weighted endeavor. Returned to the confines of my office, I paced the room deliberating if I should open the folder lying flat on my desk. 
I could return it to her, explain my doubts, I mused. I have never questioned my incompetence before. The incertitude forced me to question my skill and expertise. Janice was one of the best in the field. My experience paled in comparison to her decades of sexual dysfunctional treatment. I was out of my league. 
I refuted the last thought. Janice wouldn’t entrust me with the task if she deemed me incompetent. Throughout all her colleagues I was the one she had chosen. I was most qualified. 
I braced myself and opened the file.
The first page contained a list of names, only one I recognized – a politician – whom I utterly disliked due to his irrevocable dissent towards women’s health and equality. A passionate conservative, I wouldn’t have ever assumed he would be associated with Dr. Cuppins in the least.
The following pages contained each client’s chart including assessments, therapy sessions, medical history, and mundane information such as spouse and personal data. The last page of each client’s file contained an updated contract agreement which transfers treatment to Ms. Noah Kelly.
 I shrieked with surprise. She knew I would accept the offer all along.
Alerted by the sound of heels I questioned, “How did you know I would accept?”
                She paused outside my office door and smiled, “Darling, of course you would. You’re a smart woman.”
                She entered and lightly closed the door. Separated from our conversation landing on unintended ears she said, “I like that Maria.”
I exhaled in exhaustion, “Janice.” She just wouldn’t let it go. I was beginning to regret even mentioning Maria and her haunting my conscious.
She waved away my irritation, continuing without a thought, “You should allow her to help you on this. I am a great judge of character and she should definitely work with you on at least one of your clients.”
                “I’ll consider it.”